Continental Credit Card

Are you needing to know where it is online that you can find the application for the Continental Credit Card? How about the page for logging into your Continental Credit Card? We understand that just like you there are a lot of other people also looking for this same information. Whether it is taking you some time to figure out or not, we have to let you in on some information. Continental and United have finally completed that merger. Now their card is actually called the Chase United Card. This is why you will not be able to find any information regarding the Continental Credit Card when you are trying to gain access using the old methods from before. Just for the sake of this article and helping you stay on the same page, we will refer to it as the Continental Credit Card. The APR and links though that are provided will take you to the offer for the Chase United Card which is the new application and login even for the old Continental Cards until they are replaced by Chase Bank.

For the new Continental Credit Card, you will be able to gain 1.5 miles for each dollar that is spent using your Continental Credit Card. If you choose not to spend very much with your Continental Credit Card then of course you will take a longer time to be able to accrue a lot of miles for your Continental Credit Card account. However, if you are going to use your for everything that is possible, you will quickly earn lot of miles with your new Continental Credit Card. The other benefits that are offered with the new version of the Continental Credit Card are things involving hotel, resort, and rental cars. If you are or are planning to make some business travel plans, it will be much better to always remember to utilize you Continental Credit Card when doing those things from now on if you are wanting to experience the added benefits.


If you really are a person who really loves to travel, you would likely love the ability to travel and not worry about any crazy ATM fees and other POS transactions. You won’t have to worry because you will not have to pay those when using your Continental Credit Card. The Chase United Credit Card takes paying extra fees around the world out of the picture so that you don't have to do anything except enjoy your trip.

The new Continental Credit Card really is geared to anyone no matter what type of spender or traveler they are. If you happen to spend a lot, you get a lot. If you happen to spend little, then you gain little by little. If you travel a lot just make sure to always use you card to keep the savings coming as well as going out. The new Continental Credit Card is provided because they really wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to would be able to take perfect advantage of it as they saw fit.